2018 BIG Initiatives

2017 was a great year.  Our first year.  A tough year.  A learning year.  But a year where we found great success in some exciting ways with many of our clients and partners.  And for that we are grateful.  Below are our Big 4 Initiatives for 2018 that we hope you will consider and use to help you grow, save time, money and headaches.

A sincere thank you to all the partners, clients, and friends we have been working and communicating with.  We hope that together we can all have a prosperous 2018.



We love 3D, but even more we love what our clients ultimately need to do their job.  In 2017 FloorPlans+ was born, not necessarily because we are so smart and always think of everything before everyone else does, but because it was the most valuable, efficient, and cost effective way for our clients to get their jobs done.  It happened naturally. FloorPlans+ is pretty straightforward.  We deliver the floor plans you already need in the formats you are used to.  BUT you get the +, which is a comprehensive and measurable virtual tour, full 3D point cloud, and ability to add those time consuming (yet critical) details to your plans in a fraction of the time and cost, now or in the future.  Our clients are simply getting more.  

Bigger BOMA


Have you seen the 2018 BOMA standards?  We hear the updates might be worth looking at again for all those building owners and landlords.  What does BIM4Sites have to do with this?  We are measuring 100,000's of sq ft in a day with our technology giving the BOMA experts the ability to turn around BOMA backgrounds and calculations faster and more cost effectively.  Our approach gets more done in a day, requires less coordination and hassle for owners and tenants, and can even be used for other applications like demolition, space planning, design, etc.  Simply put, our clients get what they need now and have the 3D data for other uses in the future.  In terms of square feet, floor plans for our BOMA partners were our largest production line in 2017.

Virtual Site Visits


Sure, you could document your site with lots of 360 photos using other technologies and vendors.  Sure, it could be 'fast'.  Sure, it's pretty inexpensive.  Or is it?  And have you compared it with BIM4Sites Virtual Tours for Virtual Site visits?  Not only do you get full 360 photos every 6 feet and ability to capture up to 50,000 sq ft in an hour (typically), but you also get measurements behind those photos accurate to better than 1/2"!  Guaranteed faster and more comprehensive than the other solutions you are looking at.  And dare we say less expensive too?  In 2017 Virtual Site Visits were sort of an ancillary deliverable, but have been the driving force behind significant projects, like 500,000 sq ft at American University!

Revit Ramp Up


Do it.  Work in 3D!!!  Or don't.  It's ok.  We have seen a number of our clients in 2017 understand the value of working in 3D and are now looking up!  (get it?)  We also have a number of clients working in 2D and it's just fine.  What's the difference?  Not much if you knew that a lot of our work was already being produced in Revit and cut from 3D models.  You still get what you like, need, and use in that 2D world, but don't forget that there is additional value for the future with our 3D data capture.  Some of our clients request Revit.  Some request plans.  So why the Revit Ramp Up?  Because ironically almost all of our clients are actually seeing the benefit from Revit without the anxiety or time in moving to 3D.  It's worth another look with us.  In fact, it's been such a focus that we acquired some very savvy and uniquely talented Revit/BIM pro's to not only streamline our typical and standard buildings, but work on complicated and really cool stuff!

Why BIM4Sites?

What makes the BIM4Sites team unique is a deeper understanding of applying best fit technology to provide you with the data and solutions you need.  We never assume we know what you need, but rather discuss your individual situation and find the right way to move forward.  In knowing our clients, we are confident we will have the right solution for you, but if not we know who will.

It all starts, continues, and ends with customer service.  We don't have one-off clients, we have partners.  That's because our relationships are built on respect, trust, and value.  Our team cares more about you getting your job done right instead of just getting your job.

In short, we:

  • Are developing partners and long term relationships
  • Have a deep industry and applied technology knowledge
  • Find your best fit technology and business solution
  • Consult on your needs to help find the right path forward
  • Rely on our network to serve you if we should not

Next Steps...

Our technologies, products, and processes have proven value.  Give us a chance to help find out what works for you.