53,857,892 square feet mapped to date.

Switch to BIM4Sites for accurate floor plans and more for commercial, industrial, and retail buildings. We are fast, affordable, and easy to work with.

Are you in need of accurate and reliable floor plans for your commercial, industrial, or retail buildings? First, look no further. Our team at BIM4Sites specializes in conducting as-built surveys to provide precise and up-to-date floor plans for our clients.

Focused on What We Do

Don’t waste time and resources trying to create floor plans on your own or working with a subpar provider – with years of successful projects complete, choose BIM4Sites for all of your as-built survey needs.

Efficiency is Our Business

Our team is highly efficient and capable of surveying up to 500,000 square feet per day. Typically we deliver the completed floor plans or other data to our clients within 2 weeks of completing the survey.

True Professionals

Our team specializes in onsite data capture and data production providing accurate and reliable floor plans and other data for our clients. Our all US based staff has a combined experience of over 100 years.

Let’s Start Your Next Project

Whatever size floor plan or other project, we can help you get it done accurately, efficiently, and professionally. Contact us to discuss.

We could have hundreds of bad quotes and cleverly chose our 3 best ones. That's not the case! After working with us you'll want to provide a quote like the below too.
William McBeath

William McBeath

President - MGMA

"BIM4Sites is our go to company for building measurement. We have used them for 4 years and they are professional, responsive and a general pleasure to work with."

Robin Menge

Robin Menge

Principal - GTM Architects

"We have used BIM4Sites for building measurement for the past 3 years. Their rapid mobilization and timely delivery of quality final drawings is of great value to our clients. We highly recommend their service."

Wayne Barber

Wayne Barber

Director of Construction Services - Metropolitan Partnership, LTD.

"We recently contracted with BIM4Sites for a complex 3D Revit project in DC. They completed the project on budget and on schedule. Our whole team of partners were very impressed with the quality and turnaround. We will definitely use them again, as will our key partners."

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