How much do floor plans cost?

For commercial, industrial, and retail buildings, our rates begin at $0.06 per square foot (50,000 sq ft minimum), making us a cost-effective choice for your business. You’ll be surprised how affordable our service can be.

By outsourcing your floor plan needs to us, you can free up your own resources to focus on what your business does best. Don’t waste time and resources trying to handle floor plan updates in-house. Contact us and choose BIM4SITES for all of your as-built survey needs.

Why should I remeasure my buildings?

Little to no discrepancy.

It is not uncommon for firms to make mistakes when re-measuring. Omitting mechanical rooms, electrical closets, roof decks and penthouses can drastically effect the BOMA RSF numbers Although these firms may be great at planning construction or cultivating design ideas, the complexity of BOMA can lead to various calculation errors, which can result in significant money lost.

Too often firms argue with landlords or management companies on which number to use for leasing negotiations. There can be frustration and confusion when there is no single point of reference. Re-measurement done correctly can serve to standardize those values and bring you more confidence in delivering accuracy.

Help Clients grow their space.

Buildings that are re-measured can grow for a variety of reasons. BOMA standards have varied over the years but have been more favorable for the landlord. Simple conversions of standards from BOMA 1980 to BOMA 1996 to 2020 and beyond have drastically changed RSF values for leasing purposes. Re-measuring at the right time can help forecast growth for client portfolios and keep you ahead of the market trends. 

Clear up common mistakes

Why should I use BIM4Sites rather than my architect?

In most cases we will be cheaper and faster than any price an architect will charge. In fact, many architects choose to use us so they can deliver to you faster while using their staff on more complex tasks for you, their client.

How soon can you start a project?

Typically we can be on site within 72 hours depending on access. Also, if we have all the information we need up front then we can plan and schedule your project right away.

How long will I wait for my deliverables?

Turnaround time depends on the size of the project, however we work to meet our client’s schedule. In an extreme situation, we delivered over 1,500,000 square feet of CAD floor plans in 2 1/2 weeks!

Trust that we specialize in conducting as-built surveys to provide accurate and up-to-date floor plans for our clients. Our team is highly efficient and capable of completing up to 500,000 square feet of warehouse surveying and 200,000 square feet of office space surveying per day. Know that we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Where do you work?

We have service hubs based in Houston and Washington DC, but we work all over the country. In the last few years we have completed projects in DC, Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, California, North Dakota, Indiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Utah, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada and more!

How accurate will my floor plans and BIM/Revit models be?

Our 3D scanners are accurate to 1cm and even down to 1mm.  Your floor plans and BIM/Revit models are created based on that highly accurate data and will adhere to BOMA standards!

Why is it important that all BIM4Sites work is done in the US?

Completing all the work in the US ensures that our technicians understand the need for US standards such as those for BOMA or REBNY. It also ensures fast and valuable communication between our CAD/Revit crew and our field staff to better understand any issues that arise. This translates to satisfied clients and meeting or exceeding EVERY deadline!

What if my question is not answered here?

Then we will answer it personally! Email to or use the form below.

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